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The side of a building primarily featuring the building meter, with solar panels on the side. Used to show NEM 2.0 and Net Billing Tariff

Navigating Net Billing Tariff (NBT): Solutions for Solar Contractors

Strategic Insights and Solutions for Solar Contractors in the Post-NEM 2.0 Landscape

Up close photo of Solar Panels, or Solar PV

Net Billing Tariff (NBT)

MicroNOC's In-House Expertise in Interconnection Design and Advanced Energy Optimization Solutions. Focusing on FAST TRACK deployment of projects.

FAST TRACK Interconnection Design & Engineering

(Rule 21)

  • MicroNOC offers in-house expertise in interconnection design and engineering tailored for solar application after NEM 2.0.

  • Optimization Capacity for Solar pairing with battery storage & control systems, and DC fast chargers (DCFC).

Icon representing FAST TRACK Interconnection Design & Engineering  (Rule 21)

Energy Management Solutions 


  • Provides analysis and simulation of customer consumption load.

  • MicroNOC's Aggregated Energy Resources Solution® (AERS®) is a real-time energy management solution that is fully interfaced with telemetry of utility metering .

Icon Representing Energy Management Solutions (EMS)

Power Service Agreement or Purchase Agreement


  • Power Service Agreement (PSA): ​                    Pay as You Save​​

    • Electric vehicle charging station earning potential.

    • Ensures businesses with positive cash flow, provides green house gas emission reduction recognition.

  • Purchase Agreement: 

    • Energy management / operational and maintenance service fee(s).

    • Retain clean electricity credits, incentives, and benefits.

Icon representing Power Service Agreement or Purchase Agreement  (PSA)
A staff checking solar panels

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