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Sustainable Backup / Emergency Power: Guarding Against Utility Outages with Clean Energy

MicroNOC Technology uses Bi-directional Battery Energy Storage & Control System to enhance or replace conventional Diesel/Gas Generators.


Introducing Resilience & Efficiency

Assuring the Reliability of CVP Emergency Power® (CEP®) and CVP Black Start® for Sustainable and Cost-Effective Backup Solutions.

  • Provides a 90-minute backup power solution for critical building loads, such as elevators, during emergencies.

  • The only bi-directional battery energy storage solution with UL924 certification.

Image of CEP. Image of CVP Emergency Power Unit. UL924 certified, providing 90 minutes of emergency power for critical loads.
  • UL924 Certified

  • NEC 700 Compliant

  • CVP Black Start® offers bill savings with mobile operation and serves as a standby / backup power source during utility outages.


  • This feature is suitable for higher power or longer duration need of standby / backup power.

  • Clients need to provide a list and specifications of critical equipment.

Graphic of CVP® Blackstart. Shows a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) with portion of capacity reserved for power outage.

Low Cost Maintenance

& Operation

  • CVP Emergency Power® (CEP®) and CVP Blackstart® are a cost-effective, low emission and maintenance alternative to conventional generators.

  • Ten years of operation and maintenance guarantees are provided.

Icon Representing Low Cost Maintenance & Operation for our CEP and CVP Blackstart battery systems compared to gas generator
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