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Why Nem 2.0 Solar Design Won't Work in Net Billing Tariff (NBT)

  • During Nem 2.0 and until April 2023, oversizing your solar system and setting it to generate power from 12-6 can help reduce your electricity costs. However, with the transition to the Net Billing Tariff (NBT), the focus shifts to peak pricing hours from 4-9pm. This means that using a Nem 2.0 setup under Net Billing Tariff leads to little to no savings.


  • With MicroNOC CVP , we size our Solar, Battery Energy Storage Systems, and DC Fast Chargers (DCFC) based on the building’s consumption. When the system is sized correctly to produce energy at times based on Time-of-Use (TOU) Management, MicroNOC can assure your project retains the highest return on investment.

Graphic on Why NEM 2.0 Solar Design won't work with NEM 3.0 or Net Billing Tariff. Solar production isn't in sync with demand
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