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Reduce Energy Spent, Increase Positive Cash Flow


Utility Bill Reduction by Time-of-Use (TOU) Management

Addressing Grid Imbalance

Icon representing the Grid Stability Challenges we are currently facing with Solar and EV Expansion.

Grid Stability Challenges with Solar and EV Expansion

  • Solar energy production occurs when sunlight is unavailable, causing grid imbalances—gaps between supply and demand. EV charger expansion worsens this gap. Grid operators rely on emergency thermal generators like gas and coal as their only solution to address the grid imbalance. Sometimes this isn't enough to solve the imbalance and our grid operators are forced to conduct safety shutdowns.

Icon representing Cost Dynamics and Property Impact that are a result of our current grid imbalance.

Cost Dynamics and Property Impact

  • Even without increasing your energy usage, your total energy bill still increased anywhere from 30-50%. If buildings could stabilize their own consumption and properly deliver energy to their building by managing Time-of-Use (TOU), they can expect a dramatic  change in their utility bill.

Graphic representing how electrification in the united states is going to make the grid imbalance worse with ev chargers.

Utility Bill Reduction with MicroNOC CVP

Icon representing the Innovative Grid Balancing Solutions that MicroNOC CVP® can provide to building owners.

Innovative Grid Balancing Solution

  • MicroNOC CVP® manages time of use energy consumption by using technology such as energy storage systems. By targeting Time-of-Use (TOU) and building-side consumption, CVP® not only enhances grid stability but also provides electricity users with Utility Bill Savings.

Bill Savings &
Environmental Sustainability

Icon representing the Bill Savings & Environmental Sustainability MicroNOC CVP® can provide for Building Owners.
  • CVP® optimizes energy consumption, while reducing  energy costs and  CO2 emissions by storing clean energy during the over supply of solar when the sun is present, and releasing said stored energy for building use during evening hours. This dual focus underscores MicroNOC's commitment to addressing grid imbalance while promoting sustainability.

Graph providing data on how MicroNOC CVP® uses its patented software AERS® to provide utility bill savings.
Bill Savings

How to Register for MicroNOC CVP


A guide to get Start Your Savings Today!

Step 1

Login to your utility account and data connect MicroNOC, or submit one year of your utility interval data (.csv page) in the form below.

Step 2

Within one week, CVP® specialists will contact you to schedule a site survey and provide you with a saving analysis report; with optimized system sizing of the equipment for your facilities so that you can ask questions.

Step 3

Enter Power Service Agreement (PSA) 

Graph showing MicroNOC's patented energy modeling software, Verified Customer Profile® (VCP®).
Graph shows before & after on how MicroNOC CVP® uses its patented software AERS® to provide utility bill savings.

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