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Reduce Energy Spent, Increase Positive Cash Flow


Time-of-Use (TOU) Control & Management

  • MicroNOC's team conducts a savings analysis prior to install.

  • Analysis derived from utility meter data with historical usage.

  • CVP's daily operation focuses on Time-of-Use hours (TOU), which is when grid imbalance is the highest.

  • Deployed at the project site for customer invoicing, fully integrated and synchronized with utility systems.

Graphic showing how CVP® can fix the grid imbalance by focusing on Time-of-Use Hours, which is when grid imbalance is worse.
Bill Savings

How to Register for MicroNOC CVP


A guide to get Start Your Savings Today!

Step 1

Login to your utility account and data connect MicroNOC, or submit one year of your utility interval data (.csv page) in the form below.

Step 2

Within one week, CVP® specialists will contact you to schedule a site survey and provide you with a saving analysis report; with optimized system sizing of the equipment for your facilities so that you can ask questions.

Step 3

Enter Power Service Agreement (PSA) 

Graph showing MicroNOC's patented energy modeling software, Verified Customer Profile® (VCP®)
Graph shows before & after on how MicroNOC CVP® uses its patented software AERS® to provide utility bill savings.

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