Anyone Can Participate in the Energy Business

Buying CVP Capacity generates energy & grid revenue daily while reducing CO2.

Energy Revenue

Generate daily revenue from energy sales stemming from utility bill savings.

Grid Revenue

Generate revenue from grid sales as a result of FERC Order 841 and 2222.


California's SGIP rebate can cover up to 50% of the capacity cost.

CO2 Reduction

Every kW of capacity purchased reduces 2.6 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

Our Clean Virtual Power Opportunity

Every Commercial & Industrial Building We Turn Into Power Stations Help Reduce Energy Waste And Dirty Energy Use On The Electric Grid. Our Power Stations Are Designed & Built With Grid Synchronization To Precisely Balance Electricity Consumption When Energy Waste & Dirty Energy Use Is Highest.

Our Power Stations Are The Extension Of Grid To Also Help Relief Electricity Grid Congestion Times And Facility Energy Suppliers To Transition Into A Cleaner Energy Grid With Less Waste.

We Give Back To Communities For Every kW and kWh Managed With Our Power Stations.