Property Based Power Stations

Reduce Energy Waste For Clean Energy

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Utilities and Grid operators diligently balances electricity by matching supply with demand 24/7. 

When imbalance occurs because time of supply and time of use is not in sync, electricity costs goes up.  

When electricity costs goes up, intermittent, uncontrollable energy resources such as solar becomes problem rather than a solution. Which means reliance on dispatchable dirty energy increases to help mitigate when supply is not in sync with use. When sun power on but electricity use off, energy is wasted. When sun power off but use of electricity on more dirty energy are supplied. 


As we keep increasing supply of electricity while demand is not syncing up to use them, waste continues to increase. All electricity generated for supply both dirty and clean are money spent. Any unused electricity contributes to energy waste.


Energy Waste = High Cost


Our power stations help reduce the need of dispatching dirty energy by synchronizing and controlling your business electricity time of use with the grid. 


Each station is built with energy storage system designed and powered by our eBe  to reduce energy waste, increase cleaner energy resources, and give back to communities. 

When our power stations are on and operating, your highest rate costs of electricity are reduced. For helping out we give you 25% Off rates. 

Reduce Waste = Low Cost





eBe™ Empowers Businesses To Help

Reduce Energy Waste

Clean The Grid

Lower Cost

...and Balance The Grid With Property Based Power Stations 


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