We do the work,

you keep the savings.

  • No lease. No loan. No upfront costs.

  • First Year Savings calculated on the first page is what you are normally paying for electricity during Peak Hours (4 - 9 PM).

  • Contribute to grid balance and cleanliness by replacing dirty energy with CVP during Peak Hours

Under current conditions, the expensive energy you pay for during Peak Hours is dirty energy derived from peaker plants burning natural gas and coal. With MicroNOC CVP services, you can replace this dirty energy with clean energy and save a little bit on your energy bill.


New policies 841 and 2222 for EMS Operation

MicroNOC's CVP aims to create a decentralized network of Virtual Power Plants in order to help reduce grid congestion and transition into a cleaner, more reliable grid with less waste.


MicroNOC has already deployed thousands of kilowatts of distributed energy resources. Now, with new executive orders from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, MicroNOC is poised to expand our CVP systems and take the energy market into the future.

Once a user is qualified by our technicians, the rest of the work is on MicroNOC's hands. There is no purchase, no lease, and no complication. The FERC executive orders allow MicroNOC to connect systems behind-the-meter, allowing us to more accurately measure your power consumption.

Every commercial and industrial building we turn into a power station helps reduce energy waste and dirty energy use on the grid. Our power stations are designed and built with grid synchronization to precisely balance electricity consumption when energy waste and dirty energy use is the highest.

Our power stations are an extension of the grid to relieve grid congestion. We are helping energy suppliers transition towards a cleaner and more reliable electricity grid.


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