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Giving back to the grid

The first-year electricity bill savings that we calculated on our homepage represents what you would be normally paying for dirty energy during the peak hours of 4 to 9 PM. In order to combat these problems, MicroNOC provides on-demand optimized capacity to clients through their own virtual power station. By joining MicroNOC Clean Virtual Power (CVP) purchaser program, you can earn up to 75% of the revenue your purchased capacity generates. Our program will generate sustainable, low-risk revenue from CVP, being a grid-registered energy storage resource, and energy sales to the grid. MicroNOC offers sustainable capacity purchase of CVP that, during peak hours, would be sold to utilities for revenue. The State of California also offers subsidy and incentive programs to return further revenue.

The California grid is becoming dangerously imbalanced. The push for strong solar adoption has created its own issues. Solar energy cannot meet demand at the peak of consumption, from 4 to 9 PM, forcing businesses to rely on fossil fuels and natural gas. To tackle this problem, MicroNOC is proud to introduce our Clean Virtual Power Stations (CVP).

MicroNOC's CVP solution will bring balance to the grid, as well as savings to many commercial and industrial firms. Our CVP Purchaser option will take these savings to a new level, allowing individuals to become CVP operators and investors themselves. Under FERC Orders 841 and 2222, CVP Purchasers will own capacity operated by MicroNOC. This allows Purchasers further support MicroNOC's growing CVP network. Purchasers may also tap into the CVP model revenue stream, earning a percentage of savings.

This product is not yet available for registration. This page will be updated with further details as they become available. We thank you for your patience and understanding.


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